We cleanse data. Simple.

Effective Business Development starts with clean data. It's that simple. 

Trusted by firms all over the world, the Talas team have worked cleansing and stewarding data at all levels and at all stages in the CRM lifecycle. Whether your firm is rolling out a new system, looking at moving on from InterAction, or just needs a good old once-over to clear those pesky ticket backlogs, we can help you get things moving in the right direction.

With such diverse experience, you can trust us to make a big impact on the quality of your data, through in-depth knowledge of best practice in Stewardship, as well and hands-on experience of the CRM configuration that has been successful for similar firms.

Our work includes:

- Aiding an effective roll-out: both brand new systems as well as upgrades;

- Clearing tickets (between 1000 and 6000 per day!)

- System refresh: cleansing, identifying areas of inefficiency and suggesting best practice 

- Cleansing lists for specialist mailings in Excel or InterAction

- Desk-side advanced Super User training for in-house Data Stewards or BD staff who would like to improve their InterAction skills or learn best practice

- Strategic consultancy specific to Data Stewardship and effective DCM strategy going forward.

Why we are unique
Talas Consulting is staffed by a unique team of experts who, unlike any other Data Services company, come from a variety of sectors. Many of the team are musicians, artists and creatives, who are transferring their skills in attention to detail, efficiency and high-level self-sufficiency to the business development world. 
Many of our musical staff speak multiple languages, and can work flexibly according to your needs: it is quite typical that our remote work is best done adhering to whichever timezone the client is based in! 
The positive feedback we have received for our team's work from many of our satisfied clients is testament to the efficacy of our working ethos: that flexible, high-quality working is more effective than the full-time slog that other firms employ with their more typical staffing model.