Our Clients

Since 2016, the Talas team has worked with over 30 firms from all around the world on optimising their CRM system, advising on CRM strategy, and ensuring that their InterAction roll-out goes as smoothly as possible. Here are some words from previous projects undertaken by the team:

"Amy is an InterAction subject matter expert and has incredible attention to detail. From the start I was filled with confidence in her abilities. She is responsive and commercial and took the time to understand our business and was therefore able to act as a consultant as well as an incredibly technically proficient and fast task manager. She met every deadline and has strong relationships with Lexis Nexis consultants all of which ensure the project met every deadline and cleansing went without incident. 

Amy is a proactive and strong communicator with deep experience of how the product works across many different organisations, making her an expert consultant, without which, the success of our project would not have been possible."

- Business Development Director and Project Sponsor

"When I needed some extra help with data quality tasks in our CRM system, I asked Amy if she could provide me with a data steward. 

I was very impressed with the person Amy provided us with, she arrived fully trained on how to use our CRM system and needed very little supervision on various data quality tasks. Amy is approachable and easy to work with and I would recommend her to anyone looking for some extra help with their data quality work."

- CRM Manager, Global Accountancy Firm 

Current and previous clients include: